Hellbound With You 797-799 Physients Stories

 Chapter 797: Too late [1/4]

"It's too late you, idiot!" she shouted at him, her hold on his collar tightening as he froze in place beneath her. "I know you can feel what I'm feeling right now, so let me warn you not to tell me otherwise. It was unbelievable because I am sure I've felt real hatred at you just a few hours ago. But here I am now, holding on to you like I don't want to let go, wanting you more than ever and I cant even deny or hide my feelings anymore. So there's really no use... there's no point denying it. It's too late Ezekiel... it's..." Alicia ranted on at a fast pace, half afraid that Ezekiel would stop her from saying out what was on her mind.

"Hush Alicia/' his thumb was suddenly on her lips. She could feel the slight coolness of his digit when it landed on her heated lips. His forehead was pressing against hers as his raspy breaths came out louder in her ears. She could feel that his forehead was giving off a nice cool contrast to her own heat at that moment as he said, "Not yet. It's not too late yet

"No. Stop trying to pacify me because no matter what you will say from now on, I'm not going to deny my passion and desire towards you anymore! And have you forgotten? You were the one who had told me to just admit to my desires, Ezekiel. Well... now I am admitting to them! Willingly!"

He stilled at her frank admission; his eyes wide as he looked at her.

"Kiss me." she breathed out the next moment. Demanded. As her hands fisted even tighter on his collar, as though trying to keep him there.

Alicia had dropped all the shackles on herself off now. Nine days. She only had nine days left to take pleasure in this now that she had let herself give in.

She had given all her life to her duties. She refused to regret all the things she had sacrificed her life for. She would not be regretting anything she had done for her people. But this... if she wasted these nine days just fighting against herself not to give in to her deep-seated desires, she Imew she would regret it forever.

She was initially only here to watch over him and make sure he would not do what he vowed to do in the past. Now that she had found out the truth and now that Ezekiel had promised nothing bad would happen to the witches, her duty was basically over. She could live for herself now - well, whatever was left for her to live out, that is. Therefore, she was determined to treasure and appreciate the next nine days to the utmost.

And if she would be honest to herself, she just wanted to abandon everything now. She wanted to forget everything. All the questions that were still left unanswered, the fact that he was going to leave — only the devil knows where to, and her finally disappearing for good. Everything. All she wanted right now was to get lost in oblivion, feel his touch on her body again and feel that incredible ecstasy he had made her taste before.

That was all she wanted right now. And she was no longer going to be timid and shy and get mortified about it. This was probably the first time she has ever wanted something so badly for herself, not for others, not for her duties. It was the first time... and the last time... so she will no longer back out.

"Take me, Ezekiel." She uttered, her eyes gazing at him with overflowing desire. Then her lips clamped over his thumb, tasting it.

He caught his breath and she saw the fire that suddenly blazed into an inferno in his eyes. "F*ck, Alicia. I cant

She deliberately sucked on his thumb, and he lost it. He flipped them over and pinned her back onto the couch in an instant.

"Listen here, Alicia..." His jaws were clenched tightly together. "I can't do that to you... f*ck, I am holding back for your sake

"Goddamn it, Ezekiel! What the hell is wrong with you?! Did you not understand all the things that I had been telling you the whole time?!" she finally snapped at him. She could not take this anymore. 'What the hell's stopping..." she clamped her teeth down on her lips tight, realizing just how desperate she sounded right now.

Shame coloured her face and hurt tightened her throat. She suddenly felt like she was being rejected now. This was just too confusing. What the hell was still stopping him and holding him back? Or could it be that he was lying when he said that she did not remind him of that monster in his past?

She swallowed and looked away. This was wrong. This certainly looked like she was the one forcing herself of him when he did not want to do the deed. What the hell...?! No matter how much she was wanting it, if the other party was reluctant, she was not that desperate to force herself onto him. No way in hell!

"I'm sorry." She bit out in a weak and hurt voice as she looked away when he suddenly cursed out.

"No, damn it all! This isn't because I don't want to do it. Damn it, Alicia!! I very much want to take you right here, right now and f*ck your brains out until you know nothing but to just scream out my name!" he hissed but Alicia no longer turned to look at him anymore. It was as though she was done listening to his lies. "Fine, I'll tell you the reason." He grabbed her small face with both his hands and forced her to turn around to look at him.

"I am holding back this badly because you might not be able to handle me, do you understand?"

"No. I don't understand Ezekiel." She shot back, glaring at him. Her eyes were now stinging, and she was desperately holding back her tears.

He shut his eyes closed and took a deep breath. "You are going to be stuck with me every second within these nine days, Alicia. If I take you now.." his throat worked as his gaze smouldered, "I know I won't be able to stop... after tasting you once. I will be f***ing you for the entire nine days and don't you dare think I'm not serious when I say this. Are you certain you can handle that kind of torture? Huh? Alicia?" His voice was low and wreaked havoc in her lower abdomen..


Chapter 798: Try me [2/4]

Alicia swallowed. She wanted to laugh and tell him how gloriously exaggerated he sounded right now, but the look in his eyes kept her mouth from moving. What? Was he really serious? There was no way that could be true... right? Alicia could feel her cheeks tic as she was torn between wanting to smile or frown.

But she could clearly feel it. He was not joking at all, and her jaw dropped. She did not know how to even react.

"No matter how exaggerated it sounded, believe it. I know myself and with you, I can already tell I would definitely go crazy. Not to mention that I've been celibate for weeks now because of you following me around." He took another deep breath, and Alicia could detect a slight shakiness in it. Then when he opened his eyes again, he managed to hold himself under control again. "You also have to consider that I'm more of a demon right now as I need to keep using my demonic power the entire time on you."

When she could not speak, seemingly still in a daze, he pulled away, doing the exact same thing he did quite a few moments ago, holding her ankles and placing her feet over his lap as he leaned back and shut his eyes closed.

She was speechless at how he had just said what he wanted and went back to acting as though nothing was wrong. As though they had not been talking about banging each other's brains out. But the most shocking thing was that what he said was not enough to kill the fire that was still blazing within her. It was ridiculous how she seemed to take his words as a challenge. That she would be able to handle him. Oh, goodness. She truly had gone mad.

"Why is it bad if you're more of a demon right now?" she finally broke the silence and asked. Then she saw how the veins in his neck popped up again. But he still managed to maintain his calm.

"Demons are sinful creatures, Alicia." He replied in a quiet voice.

"Sinful..." she echoed. But are not all creatures, may it be humans or vampires or witches, sinful no matter what their race?

He seemed to have read her thoughts again and answered. "Demons are different. Lust is one of the sins that is associated with them after all. So, their lust is considered..


"Have you ever did..." she trailed off, unable to finish her sentence.

But again, he answered her, understanding what she was asking. "No. I've never let my demonic side come to the surface while I'm with anyone before you."

"Then how do you know..."

"I just know." He said in a confident tone and Alicia pulled herself up.

"I still believe that you'd never know unless you try." She told him stubbornly, causing his eyes to fly open and look at her. "I think I can handle you, Ezekiel." Her chin was lifted high as she said that. She felt her lips curved up into a wicked smile at the sight of his expression, satisfied that she was able to jab at him and make him lose his composure again.

She did not know why, but something in her was pushing her to taunt him. Tease him and make him surrender, just like her.

"Alicia... you She leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, doing the exact same thing that he had always done to her to shut her mouth.

"I'm confident I can handle you." she whispered tauntingly against his mouth and bit on his lower lip. She did not know where this courage or boldness of hers was coming from.

But for the first time, she felt like she was having the time of her life, exploring an uncharted territory without any care in the world but for herself, and this man she wanted so bad. "Try me."

And he grabbed her. Kissed her like a starved beast. His kiss devoured her mouth like a blazing fire.

Then he pulled her against him, moulding her body to his. She felt her heart shiver in utter need and relief at the feel of him matching her hunger for him. No, whatever she gives, he gave it back two-fold and it was already driving her insane.

Everything seemed to feel hotter, wilder and more delicious than she could remember to be. Was this because she was finally letting herself swim freely and enjoy this sweet oblivion? Or was it because Ezekiel finally gave in as well?

She could feel it. This man wanted her as well, there was no mistaking it. He desired her too, she was at least certain of that.

A moan was torn from her lips when his wicked mouth descended on her neck. He lavished her skin with his kisses and all she could do was feel the dancing of the drugging sensations all over her.

She wanted more. This was not nearly enough to sate her hunger. She wanted him to damn her now. She wanted him to... bury himself inside her and release her from all these maddening desires that had been whirling within her since the moment he had kissed her. She was searching for that blissful release.

He nipped at her skin, and she tossed her head back as she shivered. Was that his response to her thoughts?

She moaned in pleasure. Right. He could feel everything and probably know exactly what she was thinking.

'More... touch me... please give me more...' she moaned within herself and once again, he obliged without speaking. His hand finally slipped from under his big shirt on her. It travelled upward when, 'not there... Ezekiel... not there please... I don't want to be teased there anymore... touch me down there instead... please...' she begged him wordlessly.. Hoping, praying that he would end this torturous back and forth foreplay that they had been engaging in for god knows how long!


Chapter 799: Like a harp [3/4]

She felt him smiled against her neck. He did hear her demands, but that did not mean that he would obediently follow it. His mischievous hand slipped past the aching area she so badly wanted him to touch. Oh goodness!

Before she could groan out in protest, he had already slipped his head under her big shirt. Then his mouth latched onto her br**st, sucking at her now taut buds.

And her moans began to escape her mouth, initially soft and mewling but increasing in volume as the seconds ticked by. His mouth on her breast was driving her crazier by the minute! Everything he did only made her want him more. 'Oh please... I can't... not anymore...'

Just as she thought she could not hold on anymore, he finally touched her there and she felt like she was going to perish —in a good way with every delicious and daring stroke he bestowed upon her. His fingers were so hot! And it felt so damned good. But it was still not enough. She needed more. More...

She shifted against him, urging him to do more as she moved her arms up and pulled of her shirt with one swift move. Once she dropped the shirt aside, she grabbed his head and clutched onto his dark silky hair that was now getting a little damp with sweat.

When he lifted his face, Alicia kissed him, stabbing her tongue inside his wickedly sweet mouth. Honestly, she thought to herself that his taste actually had shocked her even the first time they kissed. She had not thought that such a masculine, powerful and dominant person like Ezekiel would actually taste sweet when she kissed him. So it was a wonderfully pleasant find to discover this about him.

Ezekiel then sucked on her tongue, taking the offering without any second thoughts, and he finally slipped his long and thick finger inside her.

The invasion caused her to bite down a sharp moan. But it did not seem to escape his notice and he withdrew his finger.

"No. Please... don't stop." She grabbed at his wrist with her two hands and a wicked smiled curved on Ezekiel's lips. His eyes were gleaming with so much need and desire and fascination. "Continue... please..." she pleaded as she panted out, not wanting him to stop the pleasurable invasion.

He cupped her face with one hand, holding her chin to make her keep her gaze on him. "As you wish," he whispered deeply and then he pushed his finger deep inside her again without taking his gaze off her face.

She moaned and shut her eyes when he spoke again. "Don't close your eyes and look at me, Alicia. Otherwise, I'll stop." There was a mixture of warning and teasing in his voice and Alicia could not help the shiver that travelled across her body after listening to that dark and seductive voice.

Her eyes immediately flew open. "Yes, good girl. Just like that. Don't take your eyes off me."

She shuddered and moaned and sighed as he continued stroking her. His other finger also began working its magic and she writhed from the utter pleasure of it. Oh goodness...

she could not stop moaning now, gasping for air.

She wanted him to kiss her. But he seemed to be more interested in staring at her like he was entirely focused on nothing else but her reactions. And Alicia found that it was not that bad too for him to behave in such a manner. She loved the look in his eyes as he watched her as he pleasured her. It was just so hot. The fire in his eyes was burning her too.

Reflexively, Alicia rocked against his hand, and he licked his lips ever so slowly. "So impatient..." he whispered, smiling devilishly. "Tell me Alicia, do you want my finger all the way inside you?

She moaned her answer as she rocked her hips forward. Her impatience was so crystal clear in her expressions and actions. Please...

And he obliged with her silent pleas. He took her mouth as he plunged his finger all the way into her depths. He swallowed her gasps and moans as he kissed her wildly. His finger inside her slowly moving wilder as well.

The pleasure kept building up to a degree that she did not know was possible. Then he slowed down, as if the wildness was suddenly tamed a little. And then he started taking it slow, exploring, teasing, stroking her until the agony become just too unbearable for her. She writhed and trashed about, not able to control her own body's responses to his skilful manipulations. He was playing her exquisitely like a harp.

Alicia moaned out loud against his mouth, wanting to tell him to move his fingers faster. He did not heed her request this time, so she did it herself. The moment she began to rock her hips against his hand, he pulled away from the kiss and began watching her again.

"Go on, yes..." he encouraged her in such an erotic voice and burning gaze, "just like that, Alicia... don't hesitate to take what you want... take your own pleasure..."

And her instincts took over. She rolled her hips and rocked against his hand faster as if she was now chasing after something.

"Ez... zekiel..." she moaned his name as she rocked against him without any restraints, and he kissed her again. This time, his kiss was wilder than ever, and it only enhanced the pleasure that was building dangerously high within her. Oh goodness... she felt like she was really going to perish soon... this pleasure... it was just so good that she could die...

Then everything became wilder, hotter... her blood and heartbeat pumped so hard within her veins as his mouth and his finger inside her began to ravage her. Until the

magnificent pleasure finally broke through the upper limit.

Alicia screamed out his name as she felt the ecstasy so unlike any others, consume her entire being, leaving no stone unturned, no spot unvisited. Her body clenched and tingled and shook before she slumped against him, breathless..


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