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 Chapter 717 - Something Improper

"I'm actually very surprised that there is no woman or women accompanying you right now, though. It's such a common knowledge how vampires are just way too active with regards to their sexual pleasures." She continued her low monologue as she was just certain now that Ezekiel would neither be able to hear her nor feel her presence at all.

"I know it's not nice to judge… but just based off the vampires' reputation alone, especially with the more ancient ones – like yourself – are just so bad in that department that it's even accepted widely like a fact. Was Alexander himself not a famous womanizer too before he met Abi and you were his… what did you call it… babysitter?" she chuckled softly when she recalled that term as she continued talking even though she knew that no one was listening. She had already gotten used to it in the past several months, talking on her own without anyone listening or responding to her.

"So I assumed you might be like him. Or did you change now as well, or perhaps you finally got sick of it now? I can't find any signs of a female of any species in this house of yours at all. Or did I miss it? I couldn't have, right? Alright… I might as well continue investigating now, while he's asleep."

After muttering all of those things to herself, Alicia turned around. Then seeing that the statue was still a statue, she confidently walked past him to go back to the desk, thinking that perhaps, she could see some scribbles or anything in there.

And as soon as Alicia reached the desk, a slow smile tipped up the corners of Ezekiel's marvellous lips without him opening his eyes at all.

Time ticked by and Alicia continued roaming around Ezekiel's massive apartment happily and without any concerns. She could not find anything of importance lying around anywhere at all. His apartment was also just too plain and boring! There was not even a single painting hanging on those large blank walls. There was just the relevant furniture needed. He did not even have more personal item anywhere inside the house.

When Alicia returned to the living room, Ezekiel was already gone. What?! He is gone?! Her eyes widened immediately. Where did he go?

As though she was some guard who had just lost her charge, Alicia hastily ran around, looking for him. No, she must not let that sly vampire off from her view from now on!

Thankfully, she could go through walls, so she was able to quickly searched the house. She entered his closet last and found him there, getting dressed.

For a moment, she seemed to have caught him pausing for one brief moment the instant she appeared in the room. But when she focused her gaze, she could not see anything amiss. He was casually putting on his shirt now and then started walking towards her.

Alicia was flustered for a moment and was even about to step back when she saw him pick up the hair dryer next to her and nonchalantly used it.

A long sigh of relief escaped her mouth before she scolded herself inwardly this time. He is not able to see you so just relax, Alicia!

Once he was done, he left the closet and Alicia quickly followed after him.

"I'm sorry. I know this is not good, not giving you any privacy expression.

Zeres shut his eyes tightly together and leaned his head against the head rest, as if he was totally tired out.

"Yes." Was his short reply, before heaving out a heavy sigh.

"What happened in there? Don't tell me… you killed her?"

Zeres fell silent for a while but eventually he opened his mouth again and spoke. "She's a mad woman. There were a number of other humans' remains all over her house. Remains of the men she had toyed with and tortured to death. She had been preying mainly on younger handsome men. And mostly were the humans she was able to put under her spells." Zeres explained that to Jude.

Jude winced. "How did you get the information from her, then?" he was a little afraid of hearing Zeres' answer on this.

Zeres did not deign to answer that question, but blatantly ignored it outright, and just rattled off another address to him instead. Of course, Jude did not push his luck and pestered him anymore on that matter and just drove the car obediently to the place he had wanted them to go to next.

The trip was a long one, so Zeres just kept his eyes closed as if he was trying to get some sleep on the way. When he had entered into that room, hours ago, that woman had tried to dominate him, planning to do exactly the things Jude had told him he had suspected she would try to. Zeres could not even last for a few minutes and eventually had turned the tables around on her. He had easily overpowered her.

The woman was definitely a powerful witch. So it was just a simple task for her to overpower any mortal man she lures into her den. But unfortunately, he was not like those men that she was used to playing with. Zeres was certain that this woman knew who he was and the extent of his power, and yet… she still had daringly invited him over like this. She would not be so na├»ve to think that she could overpower someone like him. That thought made Zeres realize that this woman must have wanted something else more from him. She had wanted to experience being dominated this time by someone much more powerful than her... by a silver-haired male witch.

Zeres assumed that she was probably sick of her usual boy toys by now and wanted to try out something new. So, Zeres had generously given her what she wanted. He also started doing to her the things that she loved to do to her own prey, and she had loved it. He did his best to pleasure her and did her as rough and as hard as she wanted. And when she was finally so lost in her own haze of pleasure, Zeres took that opportunity to finally take the information that he wanted from her.

He saw the unforgivable things that she had done. She did not even spare young boys. And the sight of her torturing a certain young boy made Zeres' blood boil. He was immediately reminded of his crazy mother.

And when the woman suddenly naively tried to put a controlling spell on him, most probably to stop him from leaving, he had obviously fought back and ended up killing her. Zeres had purposely used all his power when he retaliated, and that tsunami of force had killed her. She had already fallen into madness and he of all people knew what a mad person could do. She will only ruin many more lives if she continued living on. He was doing the rest of humanity a favour by getting rid of her. They were better off not having this scourge live a day longer. He would consider it his good deed to the world in her removal.

"We're here." Jude's voice echoed out suddenly, breaking the stillness of the atmosphere in the car and Zeres opened his eyes and immediately opened the door and got off the car.

"You can leave me here now." he instructed, causing Jude to blink at him, not able to comprehend that for a few moments.

"What?" Jude was still unsure of what he just heard.

"I said you can leave now, or you don't want to?"

"Of course, I want to! I want to take a rest too!" Jude then quickly stepped on the accelerator and the car lurched forward and left the area. He was not going to let this opportunity slip off his hands. He was already called back to work once when he was supposed to be on break. No way is he going to let this go!

Zeres stared at the narrow street ahead of him. He was surprised to know that the house of this so-called Caliste was actually located in a place where average people lived. But somehow, he also realized that a witch can easily blend in and remain unnoticed in a cramped place like this for so long.

He could have decided to do this tomorrow, but Zeres wanted a distraction. Any distraction would be fine. He did not want to end up thinking about Alicia or the things he had just done tonight. He did not want to think at all and just keep himself occupied and busy.

For a few minutes, Zeres quietly walked through the dark and quiet alleys. It was nearly dawn, so not many people were up and about yet.

When Zeres found the address, he quickly entered the door without caution. He was surprised to see it was not a house but an old bookstore in fact.. The strangest thing was that he could not sense any presence of a witch in it at all.
Chapter 719 - Drawing

Zeres had to come out and check once again if he had gotten the right address, but it was truly the right place, so Zeres entered the house again.

He quietly searched around the old bookstore and when he did not find anything unusual, he climbed up a narrow stair that was also filled with old books from side to side that only a small space the size of a palm width was the only space left.

As Zeres climb up, he instantly noticed a presence now. Someone was indeed here, and he or she was upstairs. He still doubted if this someone was Caliste though. Because he still could not feel any presence of a witch. However, he also knew that perhaps, Caliste was one cunning witch who could hide in plain sight. The fact that he had blended into this area so seamlessly where humans live was proof enough. Otherwise, why would she be so hard to find even for someone like him?

Zeres concealed his presence now and sneaked inside the room stealthily at the end of the stairs. It looked as though it was a room in the attic. He felt that the person inside was still awake.

As soon as he entered into the room, a loud voice instantly welcomed him.

"Damn it!!! It's not handsome enough!!! Not sexy enough!!! Not hot enough!!! Urgh!!!" the sudden yell made Zeres just stood there in shock, unmoving, as he looked at a girl grumbling in frustration before her computer. "I'm doomed now!!! It's over!!! My life is over!!!" she was wailing and wildly gesticulating at her computer screen.

She suddenly stood up angrily that her chair was pushed back and fell over. Then she ran towards the window and pushed the window open a little too violently. Wait… could it be… was she actually intending to …

Suddenly, Zeres approached her and spoke up. "You're too young to end your life like this young lady." He said, causing the girl's head to whip around, not expecting to hear another person's voice in her own personal space.

"Huh?! Who the hell is ending her life…" she trailed off and her eyes slowly stretched wide open as she looked at Zeres. Her eyes roamed over Zere's body and sparkled. "Oh… oh my god… who… who are you? How…. How did… oh my god… silver… so beautiful… c-could it be… witch… you're a witch!!" she then shouted out.

"Yes, I am. And I am here to –"

And she fainted and crumbled to the floor.

Speechless, Zeres sighed. This girl was definitely not Caliste. She was very clearly a human! There was no way the woman that he was looking for is a human.

Zeres tried to stay calm. Of course, it would not be easy. What the hell was he even expecting? When did anything he wanted ever came to him easily? He sighed out heavily and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Sighing again, Zeres looked around and saw a small bed huddled in the corner. Even this attic room was filled with books until there was nearly no space left for anything else, much less to talk about sitting room. Books were even stuffed under the chairs and tables… every space that was available was occupied.

Quietly, he moved towards the girl, picked her up and then laid her on the bed.

After that, Zeres walked towards the window and rested his hands on the windowpane. There was no mistaking that this was the place he had seen in that woman's head. But where was she? Why was a human girl living in a place that was supposed to be occupied by a powerful witch?

Zeres' gaze then moved around the room. He noticed that all books were vintage and quite old. What if the book that he was looking for were among these piled up old books? No, that would be too easy, would it not? But… what if Caliste chose to hide it plain sight? It was always known that to hide, the most obvious place was the safest…

His gaze then fell to the girl on the bed. Now that he realized it, the girl called him a witch. No human ever called him that the moment they saw him. He always hears them tell him he looks unreal and things like that, but no one ever pointed out at him and called him witch, point blank.

Thus, Zeres thought that this girl definitely knows something. It seems that he needed to wait for her to wake up and interrogate her…

Zeres' attention was suddenly pulled by the thing that he saw in the computer's screen. Slowly, he approached it and saw it was a digital drawing  of a man with a long and silver hair. His robe was opened and showed his tempting ripped body. So she was an artist… this explained what she was mumbling about a while ago.

Just as Zeres was about to take his eyes off it and leave, something stopped him. The man in the drawing had a dialogue saying, 'I will help you return to your body and come back to life again.'

Despite knowing that it was just probably some random story cooked up out of an overactive imagination, the line caught Zeres' curiosity. So, he scrolled the page down and his eyes narrowed. Because the man in the drawing was talking to a young man in a spirit form.

'How? I am already dead and can no longer even go into the afterlife. I am going to disappear soon. No one can save me now.' the spirit had said, and the long-haired man smirked and lifted a book magically appeared in his hand.

Zeres could no longer contain his curiosity now. This story… there was no way it could be just coincidence, right? This girl definitely knew something about the book that he was looking for! And it was ridiculous, but he was going to find out what he was looking for, for so many months in a drawing!


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